at The 2nd Selected Artist Art Wall Installation, Space*c Coreana Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea, 2 DEC, 2004
Jinjoon Lee’s recent mural work, Weak Line, appears to have the characteristics of a drawing, with black lines drawn on a white background at first glance. However, his work holds significance as a complete artwork rather than simply a means of reproducing the appearance of the subject. In particular, the lines in Jinjoon Lee’s work reveal a kind of organic flow rather than specific forms. Like intertwining tendrils of vines, his lines connect continuously, aiming for an open structure rather than a definitive form. This characteristic can be explained by the element of chance in the process of creating the artwork. Instead of drawing lines with a predetermined shape as the ultimate goal, the artist allows the natural flow of the unconscious or bodily energy to leave traces on the canvas. The vitality and liveliness embedded in Jinjoon Lee’s work stem from the dynamic movement of intersecting lines and the artist’s emphasis on serendipity rather than systematic order, and process rather than completion.

-Myungji Bae, Curator of Space*c Coreana Museum of Contemporary Art

space*c Coreana Museum of Contemporary Art
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