Commissioned by Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) Post-AI Institute
at Seoul Namsan Gukakdang(Traditional Music Theater), Seoul, Korea, 22 November, 2022
This work is about 'Emptiness’. In addition to the pure state of the enlightened child, we wanted to provide an opportunity to think about how the empty mind of AI born by machine is different, and existence of human being who has various limitations between the two extremes. In other words, post-AI, which imagines after the AI era, is captured in a video based on the power of artistic imagination along with science.
Undecimber is a data-visualization work created by extracting the performer's brainwave data using EEG equipment, utilizing and transforming the pre-produced video source using 3D graphics technology, and respond to the effect by the data. By applying fluid simulation using color channels and programming them to be organically transformed like an image flowing down, a dreamy image like a dream was produced. These variations interact with the rise and decrease of specific channel values in the EEG data, and different fluid movements are applied. Through this, the mood and style of the image were changed due to EEG data that changed according to the state of the performer.
Director                                     Jinjoon Lee
Executive Producer                  Juyong Park
Art Director                               Sun Kim

Graduate School of Culture Technology at KAIST 
Assistant Director                    Doyo Choi
Assistant Producer                  Halla Kim
Video Director                          Sungbaek Kim
Video Operator                        Sungbaek Kim
Floor Assistant                         Donghyuk Choi 
                                                  Sungpil Wang
                                                  Minsang Namgoong 
                                                  Dongju Park 
EEG Data Collection                Sungbaek Kim, Doyo Choi 
EEG Device Provision              Kyung Myun Lee(Director at Music and Brain Research Lab, KAIST)

Music Director, Composer       Shinuk Kang
Associate Music Director         Bohyeon Lee
                                                   Jungwoo Kim
Director of Cinematography   Doyoung Lee 
Camera Operator                     Yuchan Ju 
                                                   Jeonghoon Lee 
                                                   Daesung Jung
Editing                                       Doyoung Lee 
D.I                                              Doyoung Lee 
Photography                             Boram Yun, Juhwa Seon

Make-up Team
Make-up                                    Jihye Shin 
                                                  Seyoung Ahn
Hair                                           Kyunghwa Bae 

Choreography                         Jinjoo Baek
Dance                                       Jinjoo Baek, Daehyun Kang
Vocal                                         Mubin Kim
Piano                                         Masub Kim
Cello                                          Seohee Choi
Percussions                              Hyochang Kwon

Seoul Namsan Gukakdang 
General Manager                         Kuncheon Eum 
Planning & Marketing Team 
Team Leader                               Youjeong Lee 
PD                                               Hyekyoung Kim 
                                                     Yeeun Park                                           
                                                     Hyunjae Seo
                                                     Yejin Yu
Stage Technical Team
Team Leader                              Seoungsu Kim 
Lighting Director                        Seonghan Lee
Sound Director                           Seungwang Kim 
Stage Manager                           Younggyu Park
Management Support Team         
Team Leader                                Hyunjun Jung
Administrator                               Bora Lee 
                                                       Dahye Jeon 
                                                       Unbi Cheon

Insight Motion
Executive Director                      Yongtae Cho
Project Executive Director        Jiuk Kim 
Pre-made Video)                        Shotmonster, RBmedia

First Performance
21 NOV, 2022
Seoul Namsan Gukakdang(Traditional Music Theater), Seoul, Korea

Seoul Namsan Gukakdang
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
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