The long-used wooden flooring retains the marks of paint and bears the traces of time. This installation work connects discarded pieces of this wooden flooring together, forming additional stairs within the stairs in the shape of sound waves, as if bridging them like legs. As viewers pass through these stairs, they simultaneously observe the stairs from a higher point, and their own image passes horizontally on the monitor below, captured by the surveillance camera. The monitor is placed sideways to allow viewers to see their own image, as if their journey up the stairs is included within a wooden bridge or the shape of sound waves. As people pass by, they experience the distinctive creaking sound inherent to wood, evoking memories of childhood memories of polishing wooden steps and the traces of time brought by the marks of paint. It is expected to evoke not only the physical sound waves that are heard but also memories reminiscent of past sounds that exist within our memories, akin to auditory hallucinations.
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