The Sound Coming from the Pillar is Here, 2009. Black spray paint, 14-inch open-frame monitor, video, variable size.

The sound wave pattern on the pillar is based on the sound frequencies produced during the playback of a child's laughter. The sound wave shape on the edges of the pillar reveals its presence with a more three-dimensional angle depending on the direction of vision. The video editing was aligned with the intention of providing clues to perceive the sound through the visual transmission of the video, varying the flashing speed according to the size of the wavelengths. "absent sound" also exists within the space, as silence in a 1-square-meter or 100-square-meter area may have different points of experiential perception. Recently, there have been popular devices such as mobile phones that utilize ultrasonic frequencies audible only to young children. The perception of sound also reveals significant discrepancies due to individual interpretations, which can be influenced by personal experiences, memories, and visual effects. The artwork aims to demonstrate that the perception of sound can be influenced not only by individual experiences but also by visual effects.

The Sound Coming from the Pillar is Here, 2009. 

Working process

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