at Audible Garden, Korean Culture Centre UK, London, UK, JUL 21 - 13 OCT, 2023
Manufactured Nature: Irworobongdo (2022) is a conceptual extension to Lee's solo exhibition 'Audible Garden' at KCCUK. It particularly focuses on the hue of green and its quintessence in altering the mood of the spatial narrative. The colour itself, often regarded as synonymous with nature, evokes a calm and serene ambiance, immersing the visitors in a transcending sensory journey. It not only binds the essence of nature into the spatial realm but also orchestrates a reflective dialogue between the audience and the manufactured interpretation of nature as mediated by modern-day media like AI, etc. The meticulous incorporation of green is not merely visual; it also invites the audience to delve into a deeper understanding of how media manufactures and distils our perception of nature. The artist's intention is to spawn a juxtaposition between the authentic essence of nature and its media-mediated portrayal, ushering in a contemplative narrative on the nuances of our interpreted realities.

Installation view at Audible Garden, Korean Culture Centre UK

Juxtaposed still images of AI generated nature filtered with green color(left) and color pixel sorted image(right).
Photo by Dan Weill, Courtesy of the KCCUK
                & Sungbaek Kim
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