Commissioned by Seoul Performing Arts Festival
at The 11th Seoul Performing Arts Festival, Arko Art Center, Seoul, Korea, 28 SEP - 31 OCT, 2011
Living each day,
and breathing each breath,
even in situations that feel suffocating,
life tenaciously prolongs and compassion persists towards all that is dying. 
We all exist as our own islands,
and the spectators are placed in between, observing each other. 
A single drop that fell echoes distantly, spreading among us. 
Are we inside the island, or outside it? 
This is my question.

- from the artist notes for ISLE by Jinjoon Lee  
The Jeju Uprising or Jeju Massacre (old spelling, "Cheju") refers to the rebellion and subsequent heavy government suppression on Jeju Island, South Korea, beginning April 3, 1948. In Jeju, it is referred to as the "4.3 Uprising" or "4.3 Massacre" (4.3 referring to April 3); between 30,000 and 60,000 innocent people were killed in fighting between factions. Suppression of the rebellion by the South Korean army was brutal, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths, destroying many villages on the island, and sparking rebellions on the Korean mainland. The rebellion included the mutiny of several hundred members of the South Korean 11th Constabulary Regiment and lasted until May 1949, although small isolated pockets of fighting continued during the Korean War into 1953.

Director                    Jinjoon Lee
Producer                  Seongjoon Kim
Camera                    Hongil Yoon
Coordinator             Hyukkwon Jang
Assistant                  Dongkyu Kim

Honors to Sound 
Wim Mertens ‘The Fosse’ (1987)

Arts Council Korea
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