at Glimpse, MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 18 JUN - 14 AUG, 2023
at Deoksugung Outdoor Project: Light Sound Landscape, Deoksugung, Seoul, Korea, 1 SEP - 28 DEC, 2017
at Lighting & Playing, Seoul Art Center, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul, Korea, 7 DEC 2012 - 27 JAN 2013
at Korea Contemporary Art; Moon is the Oldest Clock, Chez National Museum, Prague, Czech, 5 - 31 OCT, 2010
at Floating Hours_Moon is the Oldest Clock, National Gallery for Foreign Art, Sofia, Bulgaria, 20 AUG - 5 SEP, 2010
at Moon is the oldest clock, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea, 8 MAY - 4 JUL, 2010
at ANTIPODES, Ieyoung Contemporary Art Museum, Yongin, Korea, 20 NOV 2009 - 31 MAR 2010
at Korea & China Contemporary Art, Square Art Mueum, Nanjing, China, 23 - 29 JUN, 2007
at Channel 1, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea, 2 - 21 OCT, 2007
at RolePlay, ARKO Art Center, Art Council of Korea, Seoul, Korea, 2 JUL - 26 AUG, 2007
at HYBRID of Korea and India, Seoul Art Cemter, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul, Korea, 8 NOV - 13 DEC, 2006
Small movements of the window blinds along the breeze and the soft background music are in extreme contrast with sharp, metallic sounds created when the blinds occasionally hit the window. Sounds of gunshots and explosions from outside the window add more dramatic contrast. Furthermore, strong light coming from the outside through the blinds are in visual contrast with the darkness of the inside. The sharp, metallic, and fricative sounds are truly violent. Once perceived, these sounds caused by occasional movements of the blinds create anxiety and fear. The quiet and peaceful atmosphere is suddenly disrupted by the disturbing noises. The window serves as a channel of communication between the inside and the outside. It is like a double-sided sword as it shines positive, bright light but also includes violent and destructive nature. As we gaze through the window, we hope for an optimistic perspective while acknowledging that violence is inherent in the society.
About Insomnia 
Personally, I suffered a severe case of insomnia. Because my eyes cannot take in strong light, I used to close the window blinds during the day. Once, the blinds were moving along the wind, and I felt fear at the sounds created by the blinds hitting the window. I think it was a fear of the outside world. I had to decide whether I was going to confront the outside, avoid it, adapt to it, or run away from it. I also realized that oppressive forces of the society are not far away from us but near us. The metaphor of the window, the symbolic meaning of the blinds closed during the day, and my personal experience were combined with a lyrical scenery and minimal music. The outcome is a three-minute collection of advertisement images. This video is intended to evoke sympathy with insomnia patients and deliver the metaphoric meaning of the window. The key objective of this project is to let people know that violence can be embedded in lyrical scenes, that people who are gentle and smiley may have more wounds inside, and that they may use more colorful decorations to hide invisible pains inflicted by the society.
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