2012. Single Channel Video, 05'00"
2012. Single Channel Video, 01'05"
at Hong Kong in My Mind, Geumsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea, 8 FEB - 18 FEB, 2012 
at AHAF HONG KONG 2012, Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, 24 FEB - 26 FEB, 2012
Melissa Chiu and Benjamin Genocchio classified contemporary Asian art in their work "Contemporary Asian Art (2010)" into four axes - 1) Rethinking Tradition, 2) Politics, Society, and the State, 3) Asian Pop, Consumerism, and Stereotype, 4) Urban Nature. Jinjoon Lee's work intersects with attributes from the third and fourth axes. This connection is also evident in his work Inner Scene(2012). In this work, the artist incorporates the universality of contemporary society onto the basic framework of single-channel video language, capturing facets of life after the "rapid economic development of East Asia." The striking visuals of Hong Kong, in particular, serve as a symbol of the "IT-based media urban space" while simultaneously emphasizing the artist's intent to play a part as a contemporary individual within the context of a prolonged modern history. His work can be seen as a convergence of internal and external aspects of the society he interprets, simultaneously portrayed on the same screen, forming a cohesive and comprehensive representation. 

- From critic by Minji Jeon, Strolling through Intimate Garden, Wandering the Liminal Spaces
Geumsan Gallery

Public Collection 
MMCA Art Bank, Korea 
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