at Topos - Metaphor, Moran Museum of Art, Namyangju, Korea, 12 OCT - 24 NOV, 2012
at Artificial Garden(One day, When they leaved), Gallery Jungmiso, Seoul, Korea, 15 SEP - 26 OCT, 2011
at Selectively Revealed - Another Reality, Aram Nuri Arts Center, Goyang, Korea, 27 OCT - 11 DEC, 2011
Here and There, 2011. LED, Polycarbonates, fans, grass, soil, variable size
Poetic image of light generated from the life of plants Living creatures reveal their presence in many different ways. In particular, the way a massive area of grass is exposed with 800 LED lights on the wall in Artificial Garden is a reminder of Here and There. The artwork titled Here and There consists of the grass and images that capture the movements of plants. Jinjoon Lee uses artificial light to reveal the life and presence of these two. The most important device to grant presence to all t he living plants is the display of lights, which are seen consistently in all his artworks. While trees maintain life by reaching out to the lights, Lee projects artificial light to all the elements of plants such as trees and grass. Here and There is a beam project mapping work that filmed leaves on trees reaching out to the sky. Looking closely at the quiet and calm image, one can notice tiny and delicate movements of leaves, but these movements are not caused by natural winds but by external force. I n other words, the presence and meaning of the trees are exposed by artificial winds. On top of that, various lights are used to illuminate the plants and bring out the meaning of their existence. 
Unsangdong Architects Cooperation 
Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
Arts Council Korea
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