Commissioned by Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange
at Statue Garden, Metaverse Gallery TEBAH, 21 JAN - 31 JAN, 2022
What are we trying to commemorate through public sculptures? Stonehenge, the obelisks, the stone statue of Moai, the Dolharubang of Jeju Island in Korea symbolically reflect the human history and desires. Likewise, the monuments in ASEAN countries that have been established on collective memories in public places show at a glance the history of Southeast Asia that has undergone the process of modernization through colonialism. Human’s ambitious desire to remember something like this is placed on a high plinth in the form of various gods, mothers, and heroes. But AI tends to recognize these idolized figures just as a ‘dog’. What we want to remember is the triumph or the trauma? What is the finger pointing at?

- From the Artist notes for gOd, mOther and sOldier
Figures recognized by AI in gOd, mOther and sOldier – Nowhere in Somewhere Series, 2022.
Statue Garden exhibition in Metaverse gallery TEBAH, 2022.
ASEAN-ROK Culture Innovation Joint Project Production Grants 2021
Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange

Paper written on this artwork: 
gOd, mOther and sOldier: A Story of Oppression, Told Through the Lens of AI
Leonardo, MIT Press | link
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