at Media Exhibition - 108 Live & Die, Ieyoung Contemporary Art Museum, Yong-in, Korea, 14 JUN - 3 AUG, 2005
"We are born with limitations. It is the fact that everyone ultimately faces death. Perhaps I want to attempt a fundamental escape from that destined limit. However, for now, I simply enjoy using metaphor and visualization to explore and express the unseen forces and constraints surrounding me and those around us, without being in the extreme situation of death. Through such work, maybe I am trying to break free from some limitations, even if only for a moment, and put myself into a self-hypnotic state. But for me, it was art that allowed me to not run away from life and enabled me to rise again and stand on my two feet. Engaging with others through art and occasionally exerting the power of healing is truly a magnificent thing. That's why I do art."

- From the Interview with Aliceon, An Experimental Reflection on Creative Grammar and Language
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