Commissioned by Arts Council Korea
at Role Play, ARKO Art Center, Art Council of Korea, Seoul, Korea,  2 JUL - 26 AUG, 2007
This project is an interview documentary series where socially disadvantageous people provide questions that they want to be asked and interviews are conducted with them for an hour without camera editing. 

In Interview with Eyes in Mind, questions were collected from six children in the 6th Grade at Seoul School for the Blind. Then, an interview was conducted for an hour. As soon as the camera started recording, it showed complete darkness. This way, people with vision and without vision can appreciate the documentary under the same condition. The title of the project is associated with the eyes in mind mentioned by Plato. Also, the eyes in mind are what these children claimed to have as they created the list of questions.
Interview Project: Eyes in Mind, Working process
Arts Council Korea
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