Commissioned by Seoul Metropolitan Government
at Laonhaje, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul, Korea,  14 AUG - 27 AUG, 2022
ECHO, 2022. Installation view at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Seoul, Korea.
The artwork ECHO created by artist Jinjoon Lee in celebration of the 76th anniversary of Korean Liberation Day expresses the joy of liberation spreading anew from Sejong-ro, the heart of Seoul. It captures the sound of that day and transforms it into images, which are then further transformed into music through collaboration with a composer. This multimedia collage artwork represents the dynamic energy of present-day South Korea by visualizing it.

Rather than focusing on a single hero, the artwork visualizes the collective strength and cheer of the people who came together to achieve the significance of that day. By reminding us of the value of Korean Liberation Day, the beauty of our mountains, trees, and land, and the prosperity of today, it aims to artistically elevate the joy of that day.
Seoul Metropolitan Government

Artist Jinjoon Lee
Art Director Sun Kim
Design / Animation Seungmin Lee, Sungbaek Kim, Yeeun Han
Producer Doyo Choi
AI Research Scientist Youngjun Choi
Music Director & Composer  
Music ‘The Moment’
Shinuk Kang 
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