at Audible Garden, Korean Culture Centre UK, London, UK, JUL 21 - 13 OCT, 2023
Daejeon, Summer of 2023 is a multi-sensory exploration of time, memory, and space by the artist. Utilizing plaster casting and ink techniques, the artist transforms his daily experiences into physical pieces, creating a tangible representation of time, memory, and space.

Through data sonification, the ink patterns on each LP are converted into unique 88-key sound compositions. As each LP spins, a camera sensor reads the ink patterns, and these variations are translated into sound. It incorporates a revolving plaster plate on a turntable, captured through a webcam where the video frames are algorithmically translated into MIDI notes, resulting in data-driven sonification. The area captured by the camera is divided into twelve concentric circles, reflecting the region of interest. Video processing is initiated at the stone plate's outermost circle, slowly approaching toward the center. A custom-built algorithm processes the visual texture, converts pixel values into the monochrome arrangement. These grayscale arrays from each frame are then processed into MIDI notes. The algorithm is also designed to yield a melodious structure, even when the camera scans the same region multiple times. By turning the raw, static qualities of the each plaster plate into a dynamic digital composition, the artwork imparts an audio-tactile soundscape to the otherwise inanimate object. Thus, it invites audiences to see and hear the artist's memories, immersing them in a unique auditory-visual journey, sharing profound emotional resonance, and encapsulating the fleeting beauty of each passing moment and the profound significance it holds within our individual and collective lives.
Daejeon, Summer of 2023, 2023. 
M10 Plaster and Sumi Ink for Calligraphy Sculpture
Photo by Dan Weill, Courtesy of the KCCUK
                & Sungbaek Kim
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