It is located in front of the main staircase in a corridor where the audience frequently passes by. Upon examining the thickness of the bronze strips on the floor, it was found to be 5mm, unlike other locations. Therefore, the artwork was created to match this thickness. A cross-shaped bronze tile strips was installed aligned with the lower boundary line, and a surveillance camera was placed vertically on the ceiling to capture the situation below. The audience can view it in real-time through a single monitor.

In various instances, such as when the audience passes by without even noticing the 10cm height bronze strips or when they pay attention to it while passing, their presence becomes more distinct than the bronze strips as it is reproduced in the video displayed on the monitor. The vertical positioning of the surveillance camera fails to convey the three-dimensional aspect of the bronze strips, instead presenting the floor like a wall, negating the perspective. The cross-shaped form also serves as a directive function, momentarily prompting the audience to pause at the marker. In conjunction with the previous artwork featuring a 1-meter height bronze strips, the intention is for the audience to realize that they, too, can be perceived as subjects and to simultaneously perceive their inclusion in the space along with the displayed object. By emphasizing the subtle boundary marking on the floor, it was aimed to actively showcase the potential thickness it can possess.
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