at Audible Garden, Korean Culture Centre UK, London, UK, JUL 21 - 13 OCT, 2023
Thrown and Discarded Emotions is an amalgamation of innovative neurotechnology and centuries-old East Asian tradition. The concept of the scholar's stone, or known as the Gongshi, Suseki or Susuk has been a treasured element in Chinese, Japanese and Korean culture for centuries. The artist uses contemporary neuroimaging technology to track and transcribe brainwave patterns, giving a physical form to something that's normally invisible. The final outcome, an intricate structure reflecting the highs and lows of the artist's brain activity, brings a new degree of tangibility to the internal human experience. Thrown and Discarded Emotions delves into the emotions of fear, anger, happiness, disgust, and surprise. The sculpture serves as a testament to each emotions' complexity, highlighting the intricate thought patterns behind them. It, therefore, becomes a symbol, but also a physical manifestation of each emotion. It encourages viewers to acknowledge the importance of comprehending and addressing their emotional states, a practice frequently overlooked in modern society. This synthesis of tradition, neuroscience, and artistry offers a compelling commentary on the human emotional landscape.

©Korean Cultural Centre UK

Photo by Dan Weill, Courtesy of the KCCUK
                & Sungbaek Kim
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