at Audible Garden, Korean Culture Centre UK, London, UK, JUL 21 - 13 OCT, 2023
The site-specific wall painting, Audible Garden, is a data visualization depicted in the form of a scatter plot, derived from processed data originating from his previous work Daejeon, Summer of 2023. Video processing is initiated from the webcam that captures the unique visual texture of a spinning stone plate. This is achieved by reading a single, centrally-drawn vertical line on the stone plate. As the camera scans this line across the rotating stone plate, the initially circular arc is morphed into a rectangular line. This line's pixel value, a conversion of grayscale values, is then mapped onto 88 corresponding piano notes. The grayscale pixel value informs the velocity of each MIDI note, acting as a translation system. This velocity is visually represented through the size of dots in scatter plots. On these scatter plots, the X-axis signifies time, while the Y-axis represents the index of MIDI notes, ranging from 22 to 109. As such, the size of each dot is directly proportional to the velocity of the corresponding MIDI note. The bigger the dot, the higher the velocity, providing a landscape-like, visual translation of the auditory information.

Photo by Dan Weill, Seowon Nam, Courtesy of the KCCUK

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