The original mopboard had a thickness of 1.5cm and was installed along the lower part of the wall in the corridor. To create a visual emphasis, MDF panels matching the thickness were attached to the wall and painted black, and the gaps between them were filled as much as possible to create the illusion of an extension of the original mopboard. The mopboard with dimensions equivalent to the size of a single bed represents a relative and psychological scale. The surveillance camera positioned at the point where the audience is prompted to look again at the original mopboard is directed towards the floor, white wall, and the boundaries of the existing and newly created doormats. As the audience follows the path installed along the passageway, they encounter the monitor and, at the moment they try to confirm their own reflection, they are intended to reexamine the identity of the black wall unfolded in the background. The mopboard of the size of a single bed function as a landscape within the monitor, incorporating the audience looking at the camera into that landscape.
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