at Role Play, ARKO Art Center, Art Council of Korea, Seoul, Korea, 2 JUL - 26 AUG, 2007 
at Present / Presence, Alt Space Loop, Seoul, Korea, 28 JUN, 2007
Half Water, Half Fish is a group psycho drama, which was divided into six sessions with different contents and formats. The play aimed to create a multidisciplinary art that breaks the boundaries of each genre, including music, poetic text, programmed sound, dance, gesture, theatrical elements, and interactive video, and weaves them into a whole. In the spring of 2007, for three months, 30 actors were selected through auditions for the project. The actors revealed their socially traumatic experiences during in-depth interviews and got trained to express them in an exaggerated way. During an hour-long performance, the actors were divided into three groups. Group A did a performance on the topic of massacres on the stage in order to hide the secret missions assigned to Groups B and C. Actors in Group B were placed among the audience to perform individually assigned roles. Group C served as staff members. As a result, members of Group A and B believed that Group C worked as staff, but in the real performance, Group C was secretly assigned to provoke Group B.
Drawings for Half Water, Half fish
Drawings for Half Water, Half fish
Drawings for Half Water, Half fish
Half Water, Half Fish Performing Still
Arts Council Korea
Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
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