The Seminar Room in the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford, 2018

A steel framed furniture, cable wires, a vortex mirror, a single-channel video, a beam projector, green coloured gel filters, a potted plant, an image of a Japanese Zen garden on transparent tracing paper and groupings of pebbles clustered on the stains on the carpet.
Green Room Garden, 2018. Installation view
Green Room Garden, 2018. Claude glass detail
Single channel video, 2’40”, London, 2018
UStreamlive Feed From the NASA HDEV live cameras aboard the ISS
The groupings of pebbles which were clustered and around the stains that had accumulated on the seminar room's carpet floor tiles, 2018 
Japanese Garden Image(Tofukuji Fumo-in: a Zen garden in Kaisan-do) on a transparent tracing paper
Green Room Garden, after-image effect
Green Room Garden, window detail
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